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Site spazzed hard after using Item links for Warhammer Online

Site spazzed hard after using Item links for Warhammer Online
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Site spazzed hard after using Item links for Warhammer Online
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Creator Aliajana
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Hi Chops,

Well, my new Warhammer site was looking pretty hot. I've got flash movie going for guild logo, modified the DKP Warhammer template, got things pretty stable in the site... until...

I was setting up guides for Crafting and Gathering. When I inserted item links into table, for the first minute after save, it was a beautiful thing: mouseovers showed the Brief Potion of KenRefresh This Item and Cloudy WaterRefresh This Item. The remote db didn't pick up some of the items and the mouseover message said that information would be refreshed shortly. I waited a minute then refreshed my browser and the site had a seizure--it's all over the place.

I was able to go to the Apothocary guide page where this occurred, previewed the prior versions, and did a rollback to a couple of versions prior. Although I didn't use the item link and didn't have a problem, I also went ahead and rolled back the Cultivating guide page that I made changes to just before then, but no change.

I'm thinking the problem is the 1) item link functionality to warhammerdb(?) or 2) possibly something to do with table itself or how interacting within template.

I've made manual backup copies of news.html, layout.html, the style sheet, threads.html several hours prior when site was still solid.

I appreciate your help with getting site functional again and determining what the cause is. Please let me know if you need any other information.

Thanks much in advance. Aliajana
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Looking at your site's code in the layout file, many things are pointing to http://dkpfiles.com/kindredguild, which is not valid.

I suspect many things might have been cached by your site, and that simply changing the paths to point to toooldtocare will fix many of those problems. It's almost certainly a coincidence with regard to the item links. Keep in mind that in many browsers, clicking "Reload" forces the browser to clear it's cache of the site and re-download everything...in your case, checking for the existence of files that no longer exist.

To make your site functional, I've disabled the Advanced Layout for your site. I recommend changing the appropriate code in the layout file and you should be good to go.

It's all in the reflexes.
OK, that makes sense. I had changed the domain and subdomain several hours earlier and had cleared cache before issue appeared, but I have seen occassionally where some files take a bit of time to clear out on both the client and server side. Adding the item links to the site for the first time probably caused event to add script src code at minimum to the page which would have forced refresh.

Thanks for resetting.

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