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Wrath of the Lich King

Wrath of the Lich King
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Hello everyone - or atleast a great deal of you

I was wandering what will all of you raiding guilds do now with the comming expansion?

how will you lot handle it, because I'm sure you all have the same questions as I have from the guild and therefore also the same challanges!

Surely you have also had the questions about main swapping - continue or not continue to be a raiding guild. And then the key question -> "what will happen to our dkp??"

The last one is actually the one I am very interested in having input on from you guys.

ofc there is the easy way of just restarting the dkp system - but is that fair?

Or should you just let it decay and say thats how it goes - ofc that will mean that ppl who are high will still be "high" on standings - but with their dkp fully decayed some might see that as a meh solution! We decay till 0.25 % of the value.

how about the 10 mans vs. 25 mans - will you use the same dkp system to cover both or will u split it up??

I'd like to tell you my solutions but frankly at this time I don't know how to do it - maybe some of you can give some good ideas!

If not well then its at least interesting to hear how big a deal other guilds make of the expansion

Cheers guys and good luck

Our guild is resetting DKP values to 0, and giving up the 25-man raiding scene for 10-man runs. We may run two 10-man groups, we may not. We run different DKP systems for each raiding group that runs, so if we ever did a 25-man it would be on a different system than the 10-man group.

As far as mains go, a lot of people are changing their main to something else. Our main tank is switching to his healer alt, and one of our main healers is switching to his tank alt. The rest are mostly just juggling various DPS classes. I don't really see an issue with this.

As far as resetting DKP goes, it is not "fair" but it is "equal". Fair would be letting good, consistent raiders who help the guild keep their DKP which is awesome for those players, but not so great for new members that get picked up or those players who were unable to raid before WotLK. Equal would be starting everyone off at the same point, which is great for the players who didn't raid pre-WotLK and not really a huge loss for those who did. I suppose it would be different if we awarded DKP for 5-man runs or for non-raid activities like contributing to the guild bank.

Once upon a time I had a science teacher who used to constantly say, "Fair isn't equal, and equal isn't fair."

Ieyasu - Organizer, Ex Cineribus
I have run a guild and been on wow since the beginning.

The problem I have found with Not resetting dkp.

You will find there will be a new core of dedicated raiders and they will be doing a great deal of work leveling and figuring out the new content.

Problems arise when you have someone that lags behind and say gets to 80 a month after everyone else.

That person will go into a new instance that he has never been in and take loot from the people that worked hard to get there. Creates alot of drama.

That was just 1 example. There are many more.

Also dkp in a 10 man is not a good thing. You cannot fit 25 people in that 10 man slot and people ALWAYS get sandy and feel left out. Random with certain rules till the 25's.

Mains before Alts
1 set and 1 non set item per run

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