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Warhammer item/spell/ability links

Warhammer item/spell/ability links
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Need some help here, I would like to have WarDB abilities show up as tooltips on my forums.

I tried the [ item ][ /item ] method but it does not appear to work with abilities.

I also tried it as a link like:
Mixed Defenses

This did work in my response the general sticky about Warhammer item support (now deleted) but does not work in this forum or my guilds forum.

What do I need to do to be able to link to spells and abilities in WarDB and have them show up as tooltips? Is this even supported? If not, when can/will it be?
What's happening, is that the wardb.com tooltip javascript is only being loaded on your page if item links are detected (particularly items links made with [item]). Because that page might not have any item links, then the javascript file is not loaded (which then ends up disabling the hover-over on the non-[item] links).

Abilities and spells and whatnot are planned for support (before the game is released).

It's all in the reflexes.
Thank you very much Chops, adding an item lookup in my post causes the links to work.

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