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grss mod not the same as the website

grss mod not the same as the website
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grss mod not the same as the website
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Creator Deathound
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Hi there I was wondering why a few people are showing up as negative dkp in game when looking at the mod. When I check their dkp out on our website it shows that they dont have much dkp but they are not negative. Slyssta shows up on our site as having 17.50 ,but in game the mod is saying he has -107.50. Any idea what that might be?
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When was the last time you ran GetGRSSDKP?

Ieyasu - Organizer, Ex Cineribus
Do you mean run the exe? I run that before every raid. Most people are up to date just a few are way off.
Still waiting to get some sort of response from dkpsystems. Any idea what this might be? Until we figure it out we are not able to use the mod to see peoples dkp.
I'm sorry I never responded to this.

The output seems to be giving me the proper response.

I've looked at your site and I see the problem. It seems that you still have item snapshots that haven't been purged. Every time, you re-open the game, if you choose to "keep" the item information, it re-applies the recorded point totals.

In your case, Slyssta received Pauldrons of the forgotten vanquisher for 125 points on Aug 30th. When you chosoe to "keep" the snapshots, it takes his 17.5 points, and subtracts 125 points, leaving you with -107.5.

If the data for that raid has been uploaded (which, since the item is on the site, I'm assuming it's good to go), choose the "Purge" option when opening WoW (or just type /grss reset and then /console reloadui) and you'll see your data show normally.

It's all in the reflexes.
Thank you that makes sense.
Quote by Stealthound
Thank you that makes sense.

Please let me know if that fixes your problem. Again, I'm so sorry it took me so long to respond to this particular issue.

It's all in the reflexes.

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