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Warhammer Item Links (and German WoW Item Links)

Warhammer Item Links (and German WoW Item Links)
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Warhammer Item Links are ready. Enjoy!

Sword Lord's Gird
Warlord Platecoat

If your site's main game isn't Warhammer, you can still use Warhammer item links by using the [item=game] format

In this case:

[item=war]Warlord Platecoat[/item] = Warlord Platecoat

As a side note, we've also added German WoW item links:

Ashkandi, Großschwert der BruderschaftRefresh This Item
Magierklinge des AzurliedsRefresh This Item

Interestingly, you can also use the english name with the german item tag and get the german tooltip:

IE [item=wow-de]Azuresong Mageblade[/item] = Azuresong MagebladeRefresh This Item

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