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Suggestion (or maybe Question) for GRSS Loot tracking in Game

Suggestion (or maybe Question) for GRSS Loot tracking in Game
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It would be nice if there was a way that certain items could be designated as "ignore these items" when they drop in a raid. In our case we would like to be able to ignore "epic gems" when they drop. We just ML them and put in the guild bank and people get them later. Since there is no DKP cost involved every time we loot one in T6 instances that box pops on every officer that is running the GRSS mod.

Since we sometimes swap different officers in and out based on Mobs all of our officers run GRSS during raids and then we say who will upload for XX fight etc. I know we could just do /grss noloot and it wouldn't have the box pop up, however that means that sometimes the officer in the raid forgets to turn it back on before giving out items that do cost DKP.

It is pretty common for the Masterlooter to do looting while fighting during trash but can really be annoying if you are trying to do something when that box pops up and instead of your heal/interrupt etc happening you get a box that prevents it til you close the box.

Is this a feature that is already in place that we just haven't found? If so can you explain how to set that? If it is not a feature would it be possible to have it added?

Thanks in advance!
One thing that should be modified in the GRSS is to ensure that that box doesn't pop up until after the fight is complete (like the Snapshot waits for the fight to end, and the Waitlist Requests do). But beyond that, you're not the first to request the ability to ignore Gems. This will have to be an additional filter in the GRSS, and I'm sure I can slide that in with the next big GRSS update (which is scheduled next after the Forum rewrite is completed).

It's all in the reflexes.

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