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Roster support

Roster support
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I am messing around with the rosters and the ability to create different ones.

I now have 3 different roster:

1 the master which the website generate it self I believe
2 a guild one that shows all members in the guild
3 a raiding one, that shows all members of a certain rank and higher

is there an option where I can set which one I would like as the "main" one. When one click on our roster in the menu it always shows the master, but this one also include non members - where I would prefer it to only show the guild one.

I believe the master one is also the one that is being used when making ajustments ? It could also be nice here if I could set which roster I would like to search in.

Maybe all this is allready availible, but can someone then please help me on how to set this settings


A small bump here - is this not an available feature ?
These are not currently options, but they make sense as future options. They will get done.

It's all in the reflexes.

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