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Using multiple Applications

Using multiple Applications
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I've created a second application system for current members to use to apply for Raiding Positions that open.

I've built my main application settings. But I don't want to have a second recruitment box posted on the website. What I do want is to link this new Raider Promotion Application onto my Menu but can't seem to find a way to do this or can't seem to locate a link to connect it there.

hope all that makes sense.

Anyone know how?

There's not a whole lot you'd have to do. Just leave the "Classes" part blank, and it'll hide the recruitment status for that application from the menu. Then the Application page will produce a drop down box at the top they can choose.

On your site, you could also just make a new menu item called "Raider Application" and link it to http://crimsonbloodclanswc.dkpsystem.com/app.php?apptypeid=2

It's all in the reflexes.
^_^ Cool

Thanks a ton!!
I <3 the multi-applications

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