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Duplicating Characters & Charging Item Incorrectly

Duplicating Characters & Charging Item Incorrectly
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Duplicating Characters & Charging Item Incorrectly
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Creator Sylkn
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I just now uploaded our GRSS snapshot from last night to our DKP site and there is a bug in the upload.

Intead of using the existing characters and deducting the DKP spent from their DKP balace for items they purchased with DKP, the site has instead created 10 members (all shown at the bottom of our T6 dkps standings) and deducted the DKP they spent from those new characters.

The site DID credit the DKP earned to the correct character accounts it just created a duplicate account for deducting DKP spent.

Can you please tell me how I can fix this and what I can do to insure it doesn't happen again? I don't want to do manual adjustments on these "duplicate" characters and originals until I know exactly how to handle this.
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Thanks for filling me in. I've fixed the bug causing the duplication, but that doesn't undo the previous duplication. To fix your previous duplication, I'm going to point you to this thread.

It's all in the reflexes.

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