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Using SWAPS Loot system

Using SWAPS Loot system
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Hey there,
I love DKPsystem.com, I recommend this site to all guilds. I recently started my own guild, and ofcourse choose dkpsystem.com
However, I love the SWAPS loot system. Im new to the whole Loot administration, so bear with me. Swaps uses a mod for all auctions etc, these are stored in a .lua file that is uploaded to a database that SWAPS maintains. Is there any way to download the .lua file or database to the dkpsystem.com importers?
and btw swaps is a zero sum based system
I've never heard of swaps. How does it it differ from DKP, fundamentally. If it's zero sum, it just sounds like a DKP System with a different name. Am I wrong in that assessment?

It's all in the reflexes.

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