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Event Schedule Bugs?

Event Schedule Bugs?
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Event Schedule Bugs?
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Creator tayluca
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Type Bug
Section of the Site Event Schedule/Signups
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[1] Editing Events Deletes Signups - If this is intended, I don't like it. Sometimes I accidentally put the wrong time for the even signups to close. I go in there, change the time, and it's all good. Now, ANY changes I make to an event, deletes any and all previous signups for the event. NOT GOOD, lol. Today I went to extend our raid by 15 minutes, edited the time for the raid, and lost all signups for the raid. I edited another raid to show it having a maximum of 6 healers instead of 5 and it deleted signups for that as well. It was a test so no worries on restoring or anything like that but please look into it as we make edits to notes and such all the time (especially for continuation days to change which bosses we might be going to) and it would be horrible to lose signups just because we edited it.

[2] Admins Cannot See Information After Sign ups Close - When opening the event details after raid signups have changed, the page is blank. I tried as both the guild owner as well as an officer rank (which is the rank we have it set in the admin to allow for creation of public events) and neither have access to view the information in the raid detail after the signups have closed.
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I assume this is the bug that we have as well. We have several 25 man's scheduled and I added a bit more text description to several of them. Now when we look at the event details you can still signup/modify signup and see the signup summary (just numbers of Awaiting Approval, Waiting List, Approved, Denied, etc) and you can click and view the Event Log.

What is missing is the listing of signed up folks by role/class. javascript:rebuildevent(LanPartyid) builds this I believe. Ironically those who have said they would not attend do show up.

I urge this to be remedied as soon as possible.
I see that DKPSYSTEM logged into our site (blades.dkpsystem.com) and remedied the current symptom for our 25 man raids. For that I salute you. May I ask that you return and do your magic on the other raids (10 man) that are still afflicted?

Also, I'm curious for an update- is the causing issue located and remedied but all existing situations need to be manually remedied or is it simply that it is known how to remedy the events individually but the root cause has yet to be discovered and/or fix deployed?
The solution is actually simpler than you'd expect, and the problem shouldn't arise again once you've taken care of the existing events. If you head to Admin > Event Schedule, edit the offending events, and at the bottom, just check the boxes next to the roles. Then save. Your roles should re-appear.

As far as I know, all the issues with this have been resolved (with the exception of the changing absentee bug, which I'm working on right now).

It's all in the reflexes.

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