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Please Help

Please Help
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Please Help
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Creator Mooniepie
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I am missing folders now I think under the menu (getting confused on this) I set my site up just as I want it now. But I feel like some of the folders placed aren't listed.

If you look under edit you will see "spaces" all the way down on the left side. These dont have (move) on them but [I believe] they were built in( were they destroyed?) I don't like the spaces because when I first started the set up (it didn't look this way)

Could you replace my site folder like they were before without? I like the folders back as they were without damage to the look of my website? I worked hard on that all night and want the look of it to stay the same.

Just I paid alot and hope I didnt cripple up my menu section where I add folders and such.

Well, on good news I got my domain working just fine http://dragonwings.com

Also, under the [Raid Progression] its added but I don't see the small icons (like other guild sites have) I have the menu "Box" saying mouse over to check the dungeons, but that's all.

I have noticed others have the small icons of all the dungeons they have selected to mouse over them under raid progression.

Sorry to bother you but I am just trying to get organized here. Can you set up my Raid Progression and my Items Received?
Some of you guild sites here that you list show how it suppose look!

PS: I dont think that I delted any of the folders that allow you to set up like the shout box etc. But under menu adm. it looks empty like i have destroyed some (add folders)

See like this guy has Raid Progression and Last Item Received?


Thanks for all your time and help! Sincerely, Cindy :rose:
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The problem is that you're deleting the "Label" from the menu items. That is why they show up as blanks. There's no name associated with them if you delete the name.

Keep in mind that usage of the term "folders" is confusing, given that they are not folders, but menu items.

To set the icons in the Raid Progression area, you need to specify the icon when you edit the Raid Zone. Head to Admin > Menus > Raid Progression, add the necessary bosses, and specify the icons accordingly (there's a dropdown for icons for WoW).

Your Last Items Received menu has been disabled by you. Head to Admin > Menu Administration, click Edit, and uncheck the box for "Disabled"

It's all in the reflexes.

This is a link to a bookstore, currently. I assume this is not what you are referring to, are you?

It's all in the reflexes.

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