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signing up for events

signing up for events
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signing up for events
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Creator Dugal
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I have a few guild members that are having trouble signing up for events. One of them says nothing is showing up on the calendar for him to sign up for.

How can i fix this problem before i start creating more problems for my guild.
Thank you

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I'm not able to reproduce the problem.

If you could have those who are having trouble post here or contact us, then we can troubleshoot it.

Signing up for events is as simple as clicking on the day on the calendar, or clicking on the event on the "Big Calendar" view.

It's all in the reflexes.
yes one of them was able to d it before.

I will have them send in a ticket so you can trouble shoot it.
I have taken over there account and had no trouble signing them in so i have no idea what was happening.

Thank you again for your assistance


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