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GRSS Addon not populating item prices

GRSS Addon not populating item prices
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GRSS Addon new dkp mod option
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Creator Mardew
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Add a 0 dkp option to loot type drop down so that !bid will not return an error to the user and sort users appropriately in GRSS add on.

*edited to change ticket
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Adding a !request option to the GRSS
With the lack of comments on this I would assume that it's only happening to me. However I have done everything including purging the WTF and interface dir. (recently I just did an overhaul) I am still getting this problem. Before it was only a minor inconvenience however now it's become something that can cause errors in loot distribution in game. There are events now that if mobs die their corpses disappear and therefor handing out loot fast is essential. This means I don't have time to alt tab out and get the correct price. Is this a buffer issue because of all the items in the dkp system?
I think I've found the problem.

If you have some members who are bidding with


and others who are bidding with

!bid 1

it reads the "1" as the high bid, and automatically inserts that into the item popup. I don't know why I didn't notice this last time, but I just re-looked at the code.

Let me know if this solves your problem. Either way, this points out that there needs to be a modification to force numberless bids, to prevent this.

It's all in the reflexes.
Thank you Chops I will test this tonight.
Still not solved. I had people send tells with !bid 1 and no one sent a tell with !bid on the item and still pulled up 1.

It seems to happen randomly on different items. Once we get the item though it works for awhile. This is why I asked if there was a cache or buffer that it pulls the data from.

Someone did send !bid on an item but then that item showed up normally. I'm not going to pretend I know anything about code so I haven't looked but I'm assuming that a value in the .lua file trumbs a bid?
You actually had it solved, you just had it backwards.

You want your members to bid with "!bid" and NOT "!bid 1". The bid does trump the stored value.

It's all in the reflexes.
Yes now that I re read your post it's obvious to me that I failed at reading comprehension when I read that.

Thanks Chops
Using only !bid fixed the problem. However it does not sort users by dkp only puts a bid next to their name and it also returns an error to the person submitting !bid. Changed ticket to reflect changes needed.
If make a point of choosing "silent Non-Auction" the response will be "your bid of blank was recorded"

And after you're done getting the bids, just click the "current DKP" header, and it'll sort it for you.

It's all in the reflexes.

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