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Dkp Errors

Dkp Errors
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Dkp Errors
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Creator Potskii
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Section of the Site DKP
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Im having a problem with the dkp side of my site i have from you.

Im adding peoples attendance dkp as they attend raids which is working fine.

When i add items received that all works fine and the spent amount works out right however the Current standing is not adding up correctly.

Say i have a member whos earned 46 & spent 20 they should have 26 dkp left as there current standing, but its not working out correctly, they are ending up with odd amounts such as 2.30 etc.

Am i missing somthing or inputing somthing wrong?

Thanks for your help

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Head to Admin, and click "Edit" on the DKP System in question. Then uncheck the box labeled "EPGP"

It's all in the reflexes.
Quote by Chops
Head to Admin, and click "Edit" on the DKP System in question. Then uncheck the box labeled "EPGP"

Thanks for the advice but i cant find any such option in the dkp menu.

I am not using any outside mod, just the dkp database that is built into the site, manually adding raid attendance and item received prices.

The only options i get in the dkp section are:

GuildRaidSnapShot Mod
Upload GRSS Snapshots
Upload CT_RaidTracker Data
View Previous GRSS Snapshots
SuicideKings Importer
EternalDKP Snapshot Upload
Raid Attendance
Mass Raid Copier
Items Received
Quick Edit Items
Quick Edit Destinations
Destination Merging
Mass Adjustments
Full Character Transfer
Custom DKP Columns

Any ideas?
You have to actually Edit the DKP System.

It's all in the reflexes.
Yeh since we run our guild as council and doesnt have a GM i made a default char to put Gm status on so my normal login only has officer status, logged in as GM accoutn and sorted now.

Thanks for your help. =].
Rock on.

It's all in the reflexes.

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