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Popular Threads vs Most Recent Threads

Popular Threads vs Most Recent Threads
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Since I don't see the option on my menu administration, I'm assuming this is a template related question. I'm using a barely customized (i.e. small graphical and color scheme changes) version of the Envy template. Can anyone assist me in changing the code for the "popular threads" block to show the most recently posted threads instead? It would be important that it conform to the permissions system though, as I don't want anyone even seeing the name (even if they can't view the thread) of the forum topic if they don't have permissions to do so.

I did find this:

<!-- System opularThreads -->

Is there already a code setup for this, or does anyone have tips on how to do this? A list of popular threads is cool and all, but a list of the most recent ones would be more useful for my visitors.
At the moment, this is not available, I'm afraid.

It's all in the reflexes.

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