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Bizarre Characters on Custom Menus

Bizarre Characters on Custom Menus
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Bizarre Characters on Custom Menus
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Creator Krellin
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Type Bug
Section of the Site Advanced Layout Options and CSS
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I have no idea what is causing this. For some reason I am getting strange characters at the top of all my custom menus (). I used comment tags to filter them from being viewable on my pages, but this isn't a real fix.

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I'll check it out today. VERY Nice design, btw. Any objections to making that a "Featured Guild"?

It's all in the reflexes.
Alrighty, I found the solution. It was an odd one, and it's only the second time I've ever seen something like it.

For some odd reason, your editor or whatever had prepended some "invisible" characters to the front of the file, even before the "-->", which were hidden from the display in text editors. I honestly don't know how this works or why, but I've seen it twice in my life only (the other time was with a lua data file generated by WoW, which was sent to me before uploading to the server, and therefore untouched by the DKPSystem.com servers). My solution was painfully simple (of course, after doing other odd testing with the same file): I copied the text from your file, and pasted it into a new file, and uploaded it (the menupage.html file).

The new file was clear of the odd characters.

I looked at the file in both vim (both windows and unix), notepad, and the unix command "cat", neither of which displayed the character.

However, I wrote a little script to read the file byte-by-byte and
these are the first six characters of the file you uploaded yesterday around 2am CST:

0: 239
1: 187
2: 191
3: 45
4: 45
5: 62

(those are the ascii values). I have no ideas what those characters are there for (or how they got there), and moreover, why text editors ignore them.

Because 45, 45, 62 translates to your "-->" that you had in there, so those characters were inserted before your comment code.

Very odd issue indeed.

I've attached both the "orig" and the "new" versions. Notice that they display identically in a text editor.

It's all in the reflexes.
Looking at your CSS file, those same three odd characters are on the front of that as well. The solution would just be to copy the text of the CSS file into another file and upload that.

It's all in the reflexes.
Yes, this is strange indeed. I used UltraEdit 13 to create and edit these files. I can no longer recreate the problem characters when making new files, so I'm no closer to figuring out how they got there. UltraEdit is usually pretty good at showing things other text editors don't pick up on. Oh well.

Well, thanks for figuring out what was going on for me.

No, I have no objections to making our site a "Featured Guild." Thanks for the compliment.

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