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Raid Progression Menu

Raid Progression Menu
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Raid Progression Menu
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Creator Krellin
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Section of the Site Advanced Layout Options and CSS
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<tr style="font-size:9pt;" onMouseOver="tt('')" onMouseOut='ctt()' class=MenuChoice>

This needs to be replaced with something I have control over, because that font size is too large for my menus. I've had to copy/paste and modify that menu's particular HTML and plug it into my advanced layout in order to overcome this problem. I would much rather just have this fixed. Its definitely going to become tedious having to manually update it for new boss kills.
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What I've done is add another class to that row

So, it's currently going to display as:

<tr style="font-size:9pt;" ... class='MenuChoice progressionzone'>

You'll be able to override that text size by using .progressionzone class and the !important flag.

Like so:
	font-size:7pt !important

It's all in the reflexes.
Thanks for this.
Did you change something? The font is extra large again.
Yeah, the raid progression section has been updated, but I made the necessary change to make it backwards compatible to previous CSS. Thansk for the heads up.

It's all in the reflexes.

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