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Month of February, 2008 incorrect

Month of February, 2008 incorrect
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I just tried to set up an event. The small calendars and the big calendar is correct... but, when setting up an event and I click in the date of the event, the calendar it opens up is incorrect for February. It shows the dates as a day after when they should be... is 31 Jan is correctly shown as a Thursday, but moving the popup calendar forward shows 1 Feb, 08 being on a Saturday.

You're not planning on taking our Friday away from us are you? Is my birthday at jeopary as well? =D

1 March, 08 is correctly shown as a Saturday, so the problem is only with February. Events can be correctly scheduled if we look at only the date but it's easier to look at the day of week.
Fixed. You're good to go. Good find.

It's all in the reflexes.

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