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DKP Upgrade Question...

DKP Upgrade Question...
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I'm highly considering doing the upgrade on my account to have the DKP tracking info for my guild. BUT....I have a couple questions in regards to the package...

1. I currently use EPGP for my DKP system. So I won't need the DKPSystem DKP. Would I be able to use some of the other features (outlined below) without issue to my current DKP system? It's currently a mod that I run and pull the HTML out of to post on our website.

2. I am interested in the Items Received, Raid Analysis, and some of the graphs. Would I be able to utilize those features without using the DKPSystem DKP?

Wow...I used DKP a lot...hope that makes sense! If I have the flexibility I want/need, I will definitely be upgrading the guild account this evening!
My guild doesn't use any kind of loot system whatsoever. I upgraded to the loot systems package for the sole purpose of using the Items Received, Raid Analysis, and raiding members stat. So I can definitely attest to those features being very nifty, regardless of your loot system. However...

DKPSystem supports EPGP. How this works, and how to get the DKPSystem mod to work with it is something I can't help you with. As I said, we currently don't use any kind of system and I've never had the pleasure of playing with the GRSS mod very much.

So I wholeheartedly recommend upgrading. I'm sure someone else will chime in soon who can help with the EPGP specifics.

Ieyasu - Organizer, Ex Cineribus
Many thanks Nitesbane! Guess I'll go ahead and get the upgrade package purchased!

BTW--love the dancing NE

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