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Menu questions..

Menu questions..
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Ok, so Im looking to do an overhaul of our site...
Thankfully there is the featured guild sites for ideas, I have found a few.
I like the menus and how they are set up, but I am completely clueless how to implement them.. from the "source" of the page I found where he picked up a script for it but dont know what needs to be replaced...etc
I changed to the drop in template for WoW.com's main page lookalike but I dont like the long string of menus on the left, wondering if I could do something like this....
But what kind of things do I need to change?
I guess I am just out of touch with everything as I only really did basic html when this whole internet thing was taking off, I only learned about stylesheets like 2 years ago
Any help is appreciated, and please pardon my ignorance/stupidity
So just looking at some of the layout files of a couple templates and other forum posts...

Each Menu item is <!--System:XMENUX-->

But each menu needs to be part of a table?
Correct me if I am wrong.

Im dinking around trying to do some site modifications. I want a top-bar type of thing with some menus, and then the Login and such menus on the left.
Just trying to find out how I want to do this and what needs to happen. I noticed on the 'Advanced Layout' page there are some commands to help, Im just wondering how I put these to best use

Any help is appreciated

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