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Group Calendar

Group Calendar
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Group Calendar
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Creator Nitesbane
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Type Suggestion
Section of the Site Event Schedule/Signups
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I haven't used the group calendar importer yet, so I'm just going on what I've read on the forums here.

It would be great if the importer could append to the web sign ups, rather than replacing them. I had wanted to use Group Calendar for the lazy people in our guild who don't want to sign up on the web, and use the importer to add to the current signups on the web but it seems like this isn't currently possible.

I'd also love to see some kind of export feature added so we could do the reverse, take the events (possibly even sign ups) from the website and put them into Group Calendar.

...I believe it's been said before by others, but I would much prefer a DKPcalendar mod instead. My birthday is next Wednesday, hint hint. :angel:
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