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Live update to DKP

Live update to DKP
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Hi all.

I figure this has been asked before, however after and hour of searching the forums i can't find an answer..

Is there a way to update the dkp while in an instance.
i.e I type /grss show and window appears that shows the current DKP....Once i loot a boss and DKP is given/taken from ppl is there a way that it will show the New DKP totals on the /grss show window?

sorry if its a nub question..."Long Live The NUBs"
The current standings will update on the fly for items that are received, and it will take those points away from the members, assuming when the window pops up, you enter the amount of points spent.

However, it does not currently award points on the fly.

It's all in the reflexes.
Thxs Chops

Appreciate the fast response.
Love the Site and looking forward to learning a bit more about Site design.

keep up the good work.
Thank you! Glad the site is working out for you!

It's all in the reflexes.

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