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"Disenchanted" and "Guild Bank" options for Loot

"Disenchanted" and "Guild Bank" options for Loot
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"Disenchanted" and "Guild Bank" options for Loot
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Creator motlycys
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Currently, I've set-up a fake toon named "Disenchant", to which I re-direct all loot manually that was DE'd in a raid. While this solves the documentation portion of where the item goes; it would be nice to have a better solution. The one problem I've had with the fake toon, is that it accumulates DKP and shows up on the score board. No, it's not a big deal (hence the "not urgent at all"; but it's something that would be nice.

Also, we have loot that often goes to the Guild Bank from raids. Would be nice to have a pre-made selection for that as well.
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