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Holy War: Option to Default to Classic View

Holy War: Option to Default to Classic View
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Holy War: Option to Default to Classic View
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Creator Nevir
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I know, you'll hate me for bring this up for what I'm sure is the umpteenth time:

Can we have an option to default to classic view for new users? Couple reasons:
  • New users are going to be far more familiar with separation by tag rather than a mishmash of threads in a single view
  • Without being able to put multiple tags on a thread, the current system really isn't tagging per-say; it's just categorizing threads and allowing for advanced filtering
  • Related to the first point - I'm a sucker for hiding as much information as I can! (simplicity and organization)

Feel free to deny it; I can understand why you want to push the concept! Just my two cents on it, however :P
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I don't think it's an unreasonable request.

I can make that an option.

About the term "Tags", I realize the ambiguity. It is just a reorganization of the traditional approach. Frankly, it was just a term I used when I first made it for my guild (well before it was DKPSystem.com). We needed different categories, and "Tag" was much more succinct than "Category" or "Section." By the time it was live, I had fallen in love with "Thread Tags" as the term, which is why I try to make sure that everywhere I use the term "Thread Tag" rather than just "Tag."

Though that touches on an interesting issue....multi-tagged threads.

...whoa...seriously, it never even occurred to me. The main tag can remain the "primary" tag, while secondary tags could be for "other categories"

Example: The officers are discussing the hunters, it would make sense to make it primarily an "Officer" tag, while also giving it a secondary hunter thread tag. Ultimately, the secondary thread tags would act like symbolic links (unix/linux file systems for those who don't know what those are).

Oh man...you just made my day, even if you thought it would spark a holy war.

I'm stoked.

It's all in the reflexes.

Yeah, there's a lot of opprotunity when using tags in that fashion! Especially when it comes to the technical aspect, you can make a ton of different features work by simple adding a (hidden) tag to a thread

more examples:
  • "convert" a forum thread into a news post by simply adding a hidden tag to it
  • Tag categories could technically just be another tag on a thread (woot normalization!), global posts just have every tag (woot denormalization!), etc, etc
  • Ditto w/ private threads, just tag them with a username (v2, heh)
  • any sort of adding "statuses" to threads for whatever use you can think of - just add a (hidden) tag!
Secondary Thread tags implemented, as well as the option to choose Classic Mode as the default.

It's all in the reflexes.

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