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Everquest 1 Items

Everquest 1 Items
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Hey Chops, starting to get a lot of items not showing up using item tags and was wondering where you get your relay information so I can contact whoever that is and find out whats up with their data. When I click on the item, it takes me to the appropriate search which includes the item. The mouseovers on alot of items just aren't working. Below are just a few that I have run into in recent weeks.

Dragonrider Chain GlovesRefresh This Item
Dragonrider Plate HelmRefresh This Item
Tempest Linked BracerRefresh This Item
Corroded Artifact RingRefresh This Item
Hood of OblivionRefresh This Item
Gauntlets of the Ooze LordRefresh This Item
Oblivion's Dark CoreRefresh This Item

It looks like Allakhazam changed it's format on the site. I'm fixing it now.

It's all in the reflexes.
Thanks Chops, looks like problem solved.


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