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Suggestions for the forums

Suggestions for the forums
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ive never really liked the dkpsystem.com forums, but ive learned to deal with them, but there are a few things that repeatedly annoy me

1) There's no way to change the title of the thread after it is created if you don't want to have the title bar of the page at the top. (like our site) Maybe give us designers a way to manually place the "edit subject title" link?. What would be awsome would be to change the edit page so it includes that.

2) There is no way to change an applications thread tag. Therefore, all the apps are grouped into one big forum and theres no way to clean it up. For instance, i would like to be able to moved closed apps in to a separate forum, so we wouldn't have to look at all these stinking apps. (is this the same thing as above? where its just on the title bar?)

Thanks for the great site chops.

Both of those problems would be fixed by making a tweak to your Advanced Layout.

In your layout.html file, you pretty much NEED to have something like the following:

<div id=pagetitle><!--System:Title--></div>

You can put them however you'd like, but you definitely want to put <!--System:Title--> inside something with id "pagetitle" and you'll want to put PageDesc somewhere else (though it's usually just right underneath).

It's all in the reflexes.

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