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DKP Total showing up wrong

DKP Total showing up wrong
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I have entered in my guilds dkp for all our members. I then gave the members the items they received with the appropriate dkp cost.

Under the spent category everyone has a 1 now when some members have not spent a point.

For the members that have spent points the total comes out wrong. Total should be earned - spent = Total. Not sure what kind of math is going on but for example a members dkp looks like this

earned 53.58 spent 31 total 1.73 the total should be 22.58

I created a custom column for a quick fix to get the correct total for the time being. earned - spent + 1 this works and things show up correctly.

The in game grss total is still wrong and I'm scared that our next raid things will not come out correctly. Also since I had to do things with the custom column if I receive a tell about dkp the person will get the wrong number.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

Head to the Admin menu, and click "Edit" next to the DKP System. Uncheck the box for "Total is determined by Dividing Earned by Spent (used primarily by EPGP)"

It's all in the reflexes.
Thanks so much for such a speedy reply chops. I knew I did something wrong just didn't know what. Kick ass site man, happy to bring my guild here everyone loves it.

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