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WOW - [H] Voodoo is LFM (Baelgun)

WOW - [H] Voodoo is LFM (Baelgun)
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Voodoo is looking for some dedicated people to add to their raiding roster.
We are currently working on trying to get a steady group of people for 25 man raids.
We have taken down the High King in Gruul's Lair, but have lacked consistency in our raids to progress any further.
We are accepting all classes, our raid time is 4:45pm server until around 10:00pm, 5 days/week.

*Must have a good attitude towards raiding
*Karazhan Keyed
*Must be able to attend 75% of raids
*Decent amount of crafted, heroic or pvp gear (Karazhan gear is a plus)
*Must be prepared for raids (stat food, potions, flasks, bandages)
*Must be willing to read boss strategies

All who are interested please apply at: http://voodoobaelgun.com

Applicants may also talk to our officers in game if they have any questions:
Jalha, Flav, Steelfury, Malefecent, Missgrr

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