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Attn: Chops

Attn: Chops
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Sorry to have to come here to ask questions in regards to the new SigmaSites...but Im unable to log in there to post...I did us the contact form but I think I left a couple things out.

I went to create an account and used name Kathy and used my alt email addy so no confusetion with my dkp account.

I got the validation email and clicked the link and I got the following..

"Validation Failed, sorry! Either you've already been validated, or the link you followed was invalid."

When I try to log in it says wrong user name or password. So I thought ok maybe i forgot my pw (NOT) lol,..so i did forgot password ..entered email and it claims that email not on record...is that possiable? When a validation email was sent?

Plz Help


Also would like to know if its possiable to edit Topic subject...sometimes i would like to update it in the subject line.
For example the subject line is "Guild rules and officers 6/27/07"
Well then when there are changes would like to update the subect line to "Guild rules and officers Updated 8/27/07" cause when you edit the content it doesnt show that anything was changed unless you do a reply to that post.

Neve mind about the first part of this concern...was contacted but still would like to know about the subject line.


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