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Embedding externally linked objects

Embedding externally linked objects
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I am a Software Engineer by trade and do a lot of dynamic work of my own, primarily in languages other than PHP although I do PHP as well.

I was wondering if you have a tag that would let me insert the contents, or "run" an external page as a widget, kind of like a frames panel. For example. Lets say on my own private site I have an ASP.Net page that goes to my database and retrieves a list of quotes for the day. Lets say this page is only 4 inches by four inches. Is there anyway for me to "embed" this external page into my DKPSystem.com page? The content shouldnt matet rto be honest. Lets say I wanted to embed a WowForum in a window.

Something like <!--System.embed:http://digg.com --> ?
Well, you can do this one of three ways. All of which involve the "Menu Administration" section.

1) You can embed something like that into the menu itself by adding a new "Menu Category" and simply entering the HTML into the box.

2) You can create a new Menu Item, and specify the nature of the link. There's a checkbox for "This is just a link to another page" and another for "embed this in an inline frame" (for which you can specify the dimensions).

3) Finally, you can create a new Menu Item and actually specify the HTML you'd like to display on that menu item. That's the point of the big box at the bottom when you click "Add New Item to this Menu"

It's all in the reflexes.

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