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I cannot see dkp on my guilds website

I cannot see dkp on my guilds website
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Now on my guilds site i have a rank that should let me see the dkp, but whether i am logged in or logged out i see the same things on my screen. i also cannot post on the forums of my site. i asked my guilds gm and they were not able to fix it so i thought i might post here

it is kind of like having a rank but having the same privlages of someone who did not make an account....
please guys, i REALLY need to be able to see my dkp and post on the forums

for the mean time i found out i can get to the dkp charts with a direct link to it.
What's the address of your site so I can look at the configuration?

My guess is that if you head to the Admin menu and look at the top, that the site wasn't purchased with the Forums or the DKP addon. You'll be able to see this by the "Upgrade Service" button. Right above it it'll list which features you don't currently have.

It's all in the reflexes.

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