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Some Suggestions ...

Some Suggestions ...
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I love the "info at a glance" box (the one that contains # of members, posts, etc). Great additions to it would be:

# of new posts in forums (so you know to go read 'em)
blog post information
gallery update information

Things like that would get folks to travel to the different parts of the site more frequently.

In addition, I'd love to see more embedded commands, even if they're just flags. Most of your stuff is fantastic for folks who don't want to do too much web site work, but us advanced types can get frustrated by data we can't get our hands on. Down that path, an API would be even better (although a lot of work).

I'm used to doing a *lot* in PHP on my other sites

An API why didn't I tink of that. That would be a real nice solution.

Also something else to add to that thought. You could sell licenses so we could get all the code to set up our own sites.

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