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GuildBankUploader unable to login with certain passwords

GuildBankUploader unable to login with certain passwords
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If your account has an equal sign in the password, GuildBankUploader is unable to login and upload.

On another note, the page for manually uploading the GuildBank info (at least on my guild's site) says that the GuildBank.lua file is in the account-level SavedVariables instead of being specific to each character.
After a little investigation, GuildBankUploader is encoding the = to %3D as if it were being used in a URL. Since the information is being sent as a POST to the website, this isn't necessary. This makes me think that other characters might cause problems as well since the password is being encoded for use in a URL but isn't being decoded on the server side.
Interesting. Thanks for the heads up and the descriptions of what's going on there.

It's all in the reflexes.

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