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New accounts matching old IPs

New accounts matching old IPs
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Can we put something in to identify or more easily find accounts that are using the same IP.

Say someone wants to make a fake account due to malicious intent and gets it all created. Can you have an identifier on the account needs created screen or something that says other accounts which have also used this IP address. Or a list of accounts using very similiar such as a .* at the end instead of the actual number. So that if came up it would list all people with 55.55.55.* range.

It wouls just help a little to deal with any dishonest or mal-intent.
Interesting idea.

It would make sense to do an IP search on accounts.

It's all in the reflexes.
I thinks this would be a good idea for the guild admins to be able to see.

But I would hope that you would not build in automated blocking based on an IP though. Reason being that large ISP's like Comcast, Charter, SBC(AT&T) and several others, buy hugh blocks of IP addresses that are dynamically (DHCP) assigned to their customers PC or routers. The problem is that when someone's computer is turned off (power outage or other wise) they get a new IP or when a router automatically renews the IP address. And now you have the problem of Joe in New York with an IP of who was banded 2 months ago no longer has that IP and Sue in Idaho wants access with IP

Admin's being able to see this can intellegently over come the problem, where as an automated sollution will never have the intelegence to figure it out.

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