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Trying to Test Suicide Kings

Trying to Test Suicide Kings
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I'm trying to model our loot system using Suicide Kings (I'll sort out the differences by hand later). I loaded up the Suicide Kings addon, added several people at different ranks, and attempted to import it to our site. No dice ... none of the data showed up.

I was following the steps that I found searching the forums and the FAQ. After doing "Admin | Suicide Kings Importer" and entering the correct path, I was greeted with an empty list. I can look at the XML and see people and their roll levels. Am I doing something wrong, or misunderstanding the steps required?

Thanks in advance!

SK uses a different page for showing the results. Because you use the Advanced Layout, your Suicide Kings DKP menu doesn't show on your menu.

If you type the URL manually, however, you'll be taken to the right place:


It's all in the reflexes.
Excellent, thanks!

I had edited the URL from the DKP-based system ... makes sense that it's a different page entirely. Thanks much!


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