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Mac User -- What Works What Doesn't?

Mac User -- What Works What Doesn't?
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So, I play the game on an intel Mac and haven't installed Winders on it.

I take it I can't use the bank character mod / uploader OR the dkp uploader. Right?

Anything else that doesn't work?

Because as GM, I'll need to make sure Winders users in guild do these jobs for me (whew! more delegation off my back).
Oops! Looks like you have something for Mac dkp. I have questions then. But I better try harder to answer myself. Back to your Build DKP article .....
Actually Chops works very hard at making the mods and auto uploaders work on make the same as winders.

I'm not sure where he is with the auto uploader for the guild bank however you can still manually upload everything. There are options for this under you character profile.

The dkp mod I believe does have a script to download the data from the site. Everything for DKP has to be manually uploaded anyway.

Six Demon BagRefresh This Item
Jack Burton: Hey, what more can a guy ask for?
Egg Shen: Oh, a six-demon bag!
Jack Burton: Terrific, a six-demon bag. Sensational. What's in it, Egg?
Egg Shen: Wind, fire, all that kind of thing!
I don't know what I did but I checked myself on the roster and guess what? My gear is there. I must've done something.

Figured out the dkp applescript
For Macs, the GuildBank mod must be uploaded directly by clicking "Upload your GuildBank Profile" on your Character Profile page.

If your equipped items are there, but nothing else, that just means that the automatic weekly armory importer ran and imported your gear for you.

It's all in the reflexes.
Um, so this picture/button thing you just showed. Is this for all characters, not just bank characters? If so, why do you say "Upload Your Guild Bank Profile"? Shouldn't it be something more like "Upload Your WOW Profile"?
Heh.....It's because the mod is called "GuildBank." It was originally named "GuildBank" because it's original purpose was for tracking the guild bank. It wasn't until after it was named and public that it made sense to use it for a more in-depth profile.

It's all in the reflexes.

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