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Ni Karma in GRSS?

Ni Karma in GRSS?
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Is there anyway to implement the Ni Karma system with GRSS so it can be visible on the site, etc.
I'll look into it. I read a bit about it, but it wasn't too terribly clear.

Could you summarize how it works?

It's all in the reflexes.
not really cuz i just found out about it

but essentially you get karma points per boss and you spend them to modify rolls...seems very useful in karazhan.

Anyone have any ideas on this?
This addon is what is used to track it in the game. and it supposedly has a php script to display results included with it.


Ni karma merger file for 2 lists into one, etc.

source is included
Thanks. I'll look into this stuff, but no guarantees.

It's all in the reflexes.
Thanks. If you get to looking at it, its really not too much different than you alreayd have.

Just add 5 points for each boss kill to everyone.

You can roll with a bonus or without. With its just roll + bonus.

If they rollon something with their bonus and they win you half their bonus.

And there are some other minute differences but not too much. If i'm understanding right this loot method is picking up popularity everywhere.

out of curiousity...any news?

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