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Awarding a DKP Adjustment

Awarding a DKP Adjustment
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Hi. We are a new guild; Elysium on the Anachronos (EU) server.

We want to award a "good sport" bonus of 5 to those who turned up for our first raid which was at first delayed then didn't take place. We added the bonus via the "Adjustments" menu but it isn't showing up.

Is this because these people haven't raided with us so far? If so, is there a way around it? We would like to have this bonus showing on the website as soon as possible.

Instead of awarding it as an adjustment. Go to Admin > DKP > Raid Attendance and click Add New Raid. Give it a name, description, date, and assign your point value. Click each person that was there that you want to award and submit it. This also creates it as a means for others to say hey wait a minute you forgot me and request and review.

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Thanks for you suggestion
The problem you're having has to do with the fact that you have two DKP systems. You assigned the adjustments to the "Default" DKP system, but you're hiding that one, and showing your "Elysium" system. You'll want edit those adjusements and change the System to "Elysium" and you'll see those changes show on your standings.

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Many thanks for your reply!

It's always the simple things that get overlooked!

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