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OC is looking for a few good men/women!!!

OC is looking for a few good men/women!!!
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OC is a Tichondrius guild who raids on PST. (West Coast)
We are looking to get our second Karazhan raid going so we can progress further into 25 man BC content. OC currently has 8/13 of the Karazhan bosses down, to exclude the random rare animal boss spawns.

We are looking for commited and understanding players who enjoy raiding 4-6 times a week. (4 min)

As of now recruitment is open to healing spec'd players of all classes, and Warlocks. what I mean by "Healing spec'd players" is we dont need anymore shadow priests, or Ret Pallies or Feral/Balance Droods.

We are a raiding guild looking to surround ourselves with skilled players with the same goals in mind that we hold. Guild Progression and Team work.

If your interested check us out at:
Organized Confusion


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