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Roster Ranks isn't updating from armoy

Roster Ranks isn't updating from armoy
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I was able to set the server and guild name correctly and then click upload Roster from Armory. I click "Go". It then shows all the people in the roster. The issue is it isn't pick up the ranks correctly. If a characters rank has changed it doesn't show right. Also, it wants to add all the new characters as the lowest rank and now the rank they have. Why does this happen? I went the the armory and the ranks there are correct. I didn't click upload because I don't want to have fix 400 character's ranks. THe ranks did chnage a while back but I fixed them in the current roster to what is current in the game. We do have one roster that isn't in the game called WGW Ally. These are non guild members who still raid with us. Any help, or suggestions please.

Unfortunately, because the ranks from the Armory are all numbers, and the ranks in-game and on the website are Textual, you're going to want to supplement the Armory importer with the GRSS Roster Importer to get the ranks.

It's all in the reflexes.

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