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Can't load dkpsystem.com on Linux!

Can't load dkpsystem.com on Linux!
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I've got a weird problem.

I can load dkpsystem.com, and my guild's site, just fine on OS X and Windows.

On the same exact machines (a MacBook Pro, and a custom Windows/Linux Desktop), I cannot access dkpsystem.com on Linux. The connection times out.

Browser user agent doesn't matter; I don't even get an initial response from the server. Konqueror, Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer all fail.

The command wget http://dkpsystem.com resolves the domain, but times out while waiting for response.

This is really, really weird. Any insight? Anyone else accessing dkpsystem.com from a Linux system?

I'm not a Linux noobie, either, I've been running it for years and years as my primary OS, and dkpsystem.com is the only site that times out.
How bizzare...

I have no troubles loading the site from my Ubuntu 6.06 machine. Which distro/version are you running?

It's all in the reflexes.

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