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Full DKP Transfer not working

Full DKP Transfer not working
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I am trying to transfer DKP from an Alt to a Main and it is still leaving DKP in the Alt.

Example Maarni to Ceria. Can you look at this and tell me whats happening Chops. We basically have some people that raided on alts and DKP pools are supposed to be on mains only. Whoever uploaded the DKP for that raid asigned it as it was listed instead of chaging the names to the correct Main.

Ok so even though it said Transfer Complete in the popup it really took a few minutes to complete each one I tried to do. So it did work but was just slower than expected.

That brings up another question on uploading dkp and changing the played by option. Since toons that are loaded on the site are flagged as Main or Alt would it be possible to have that list auto filter to only show the other toons associated with that web account?

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I know Chops is probably doing the holiday things at the moment, so just a post for when he gets back.

Was wondering if it could be taken a step further, and a setup so that Alt DKP automatically funnels to the Main character on that account, for systems where players may have multiple characters, but only one DKP pool.

I've been planning for a while a mechanism to make it easier to load alt DKP so that it's credited to the main.

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