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Quoting posts

Quoting posts
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On some sites that support quoting, if you are direct quoting another post it links to that post. Right now quoting links to the poster's name, which will eventually lead you to latest posts, but that seems like a really obtuse way of doing it.

I suggest that by default, quotes should link to the post they're quoting from. Would make following quote chains and seeing context a lot easier.
Good suggestion! I do agree that it's a bit weird the way it links just to the user. That said, I'm not personally a huge fan of the links back to the original post, at least in that exact form. Ideally, I think the idea of having a mapping both ways such that the quoted posts should actually have links to the replies to that post. I think that'd be a more interesting way to do it, and allow for rapidly navigating a large thread.

Some food for thoughts there, thanks

It's all in the reflexes.

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