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DKP upload API

DKP upload API
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Maybe this already exists and, if so, I'm sorry for not knowing about it.

In any event - what would be the possibility of getting an API where I could send information to it real-time and it would populate the raid information.

For instance, I play EQ2 and have a log file running all the time. I could write a program that I would run while raiding that could take the /whoraid command output that hits the log and send that into an API which would populate the raid for that night.

Another function that looks for a formatted text message like: <char name> <item> <amount #> that I would simply 'say' in raid chat and it would send that directly to the API as it is happening, things like that.

Any thoughts?
That's actually a pretty neat idea.

Are you aware that we can do importing of your EQ2 log file? It's just not automatically submitted.

Further, to speed up your uploads (since those logs can get to be a couple hundred megs), I provide an http://dkpfiles.com/www/files/EQ2Preparser.exe">2Preparser That you run on the log file to strip out the parts of the logfile that the importer doesn't need.

But adding some kind of APIs for various functions is something I've been kind of planning on doing for a while now.

It's all in the reflexes.
Yup - I am already using the preparser on my logs and it is handy.

The thing is (maybe I'm doing it wrong) - I still have to manually link up the amount spent with the item after every raid and to avoid making it work through a MASSIVE log file I have to make a new one for each raid, which causes ACT! to not be happy unless I point it to the right file, causes Raidhub to not be happy unless I point it to the right file, etc.

It is a very manual process with a number of steps both before and after each raid - so I was trying to come up with a way to eliminate that.

No worries if it is a stupid idea - I'll live.

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