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Feature Request: Search Accounts

Feature Request: Search Accounts
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As an Officer of a large guild with a HUGE account and Roster page...I really do appreciate the recent change to the Accounts page.

However, due to special characters, 12 pages of accounts start with 'R', and the link: is there anyway a search feature could be added? Possible to handle Accounts OR individual Toon names? Ideally with a link to View the Account, and a link to Edit the account (for rank changes).

I would do this with a third party site such as yubnub.org but the listings are mainly done via the loginid being a numeric, so that's not easily done.

If anyone else has figured a bypass, I'd love to hear it.
This is definitely on the way, and is indeed desperately needed, especially for the large guilds.

The search feature will be more than login name as well. It will be by login name, email address, character name, and possibly even IP address.

It's all in the reflexes.

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