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Item Link Advancements

Item Link Advancements
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If you are using World of Warcraft and need to link an item that has different instances for different classes, you can advance the item search to make sure the item linked is the item you are intending on linking.

Consider the following.

There are 9 different Royal Seal of Eldre'ThalasRefresh This Item in WoW (one for each class). However, simply linking the name with [item]Royal Seal of Eldre'Thalas[/item] Will just randomly pick one for you.

If you need to specify a particular attribute to make the search more accurate, you can specify class by adding ";;classname" to the item name.

So, as an example, if you'd like to specify the Warlock specific item, you'd enter [item]Royal Seal of Eldre'Thalas;;Warlock[/item] and that'd produce Royal Seal of Eldre'ThalasRefresh This Item.

The same Technique can be done for Level specific items in the game: Consider the fact that there are 5 different versions of the Lorekeeper's RingRefresh This Item from Warsong Gulch. If you want to specify the one for Level 38, you can do [item]Lorekeeper's Ring;;Level 38[/item], which will produce Lorekeeper's RingRefresh This Item.

Advanced Search! Finally, there are some items, most notably the neckpieces from ZG. Consider Kezan's TaintRefresh This Item. There are 3 different versions of Kezan's Taint (one each for friendly, honored, and revered). All three are "Classes: Warlock" and None of them have a level requirement. To accomidate this, you can specify some search requirement after the ";;". For example, a unique characteristic of the one you get from revered is "Increases Damage and Healing done by magical spells and effects by up to 14." The other two are only "up to 12", so we could specify the item as follows: [item]Kezan's Taint;;up to 14[/item], which would yield Kezan's TaintRefresh This Item.

Any questions, post them here.

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Sweet, so Bindings of the WindseekerRefresh This Item can now be made to show which one actually dropped, in other words, the left one
Bindings of the WindseekerRefresh This Item

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