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The <!--System:TopStats--> command is what displays the Statistics messages on your site.

The TopStats command will convert to HTML like this:

<span class="StatCount">1</span> Members<br />
<span class="StatCount">96</span> Characters (alts included)<br />
<span class="StatCount">0</span> Raiders<br />
<span class="StatCount">14</span> items obtained<br />
<span class="StatCount">0.0</span> DKP earnable last week<br />

Which will display like this:

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  • Last Modified: 1/31/2008 12:34am
    Contributors: Chops
    Easy Link
    BBCode Link: [guide=--SystemTopStats--][/guide]
    URL: http://www.dkpsystem.com/guide/--SystemTopStats--