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This <!--System:Title--> Command is one of the simplest ones in the system. While historically, it had an effect on the functionality of the site, this is no longer the case.


The most common place to put this is somewhere in the <title> tag inside the <head> tag like so

		<title>Raven Warriors - <!--System:Title--></title>

If you were on the Forum, then in the title bar of the browser would display: Raven Warriors - Forum

Elsewhere on the layout

It's also usually a good idea to place that information on the page somewhere where it'll be displayed in a prominent location.

As an example, on the default layout,

<table class="Subject" align="center" cellpadding="4" border=0 cellspacing="0" width="100%">
		<td align="center" class=Subject>
			<div id=pagetitle><!-- System:Title --></div>

One thing that is recommended, but by no means required, is to give the tag around the <!--System:Title--> a pagetitle id. Notice in that code, the line:

<div id=pagetitle><!--System:title--></div>

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