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The <!--System:PopularThreads--> command will display the popular threads list which normally displays in the Top Bar.

For an example of the context of the <!--System:PopularThreads-->:

<td valign="top" class=TopStats >
	<b>Popular Threads</b><br>

Would be replaced with the following HTML:

<td valign="top" class=TopStats >
	<b>Popular Threads</b><br>
	<a href="viewthread.php?threadid=1563">Something to know about (6)</a><br>
	<a href="viewthread.php?threadid=1577">Check out this video (2)</a><br>
	<a href="viewthread.php?threadid=1564">Raiding problems (3)</a><br>
	<a href="viewthread.php?threadid=1554">Signature Generator (3)</a><br>
	<a href="viewthread.php?threadid=1566">Movie Quotes Thread (10)</a><br>

Which would display as the following:

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